Religious Events & Cultural Events

With our amazing streaming platforms for churches, religious events and cultural events can become virtual. We protect and redefine religion and culture to maintain its original values while advancing its mode of presentation, thus making it accessible online or even in a hybrid setting.

Extend your boundaries in Religious Events

Religious activities can go live now. Break the brick-and-mortar limitations: making your sessions hybrid where activities and programs going on in the church or meeting venue are also displayed in high quality to viewers and members from different locations.

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Express with technology

Let your culture take flight with the wings of our modern technology by hosting Live sessions for all kinds of festivals, worship sessions, prayer moments, cultural food displays, major dances, cultural learning, and other amazing activities.

Schedule for the whole year

Plan for all your festivals for the year and schedule them with our unique calendar feature. The calendar saves your event dates and reminds your members about upcoming festival shows, live concerts, and online cultural displays. Special color codes assigned to the calendar enable your members to differentiate between live events, past events, and recurring events. This prevents any obstruction or confusion of members who desire to attend your online cultural events.

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Our platform makes it easy for religious bodies to receive donations on their websites through our diverse and simple payment modules. Receive offertories for your live stream church services on your website. Our platform allows for cultural bodies to engage with both government and non-government investors in perfect audio video sync.

Interactive and Efficient

We have brought interactive streaming and two-way streaming to your doorstep. Hold counseling sessions and preach to members who are not limited by distance and space. Want to go Live in a matter of minutes? Then go WorldCast Live.