WorldCast Live stays unique in its approach to helping you build and secure your audience base by giving you the ultimate fan engagement package to engage them. With our platform, your festivals, shows, concerts, and performances are taking a different perspective. We have suitable customer engagement solutions for your ideal entertainment where fans turn into family. With our online event management software, clients can now host live shows or concerts with fans showing effective interaction and engagement through the answering polls

Let Fans Have Fun

  • Engage fans of the Entertainment Industry at the venue with new interactive giveaways, and awards.
  • Magnify your shows with bonus winning sessions to engage your audience for effective response.
  • The right space for music and entertainment enthusiasts.
  • Tag special fans to enjoy your shows for free. Such fans will receive special emails containing codes to use to enter the live show. This is possible through our content management tools.
Unimerse App | Content Management Tools |  Entertainment Industry
Fan Engagement | Unimerse App | Live Streaming

Your ideal space, your own pace

  • No shelf space is required to host products in venues.
  • Create new immersive AD experiences in festivals.
  • Create a unique experience for your fans in the lines.
  • Customize content like trivia, VIP passes, free drinks, and many more.

User priority

  • User experience is customized by preferences.
  • We meet the demands of our clients while satisfying their fans with our fan engagement through the Unimerse app.
  • Create a positive impression in your concerts, festivals, and performances.
Augmented Reality | Unimerse App | Fan Engagement

Unimerse App

For the fans of live entertainment, we have created the Unimerse app that rewards fans for engaging with loyalty rewards and points so each facet of the entertainment industry can win. Our technology is built to ensure the continuous bond between performers and their consumers.

Features of Unimerse App

My Feed

Users can find upcoming events and even read news about their favorite artists. Dress in style and find out more about artists. Get updated on every news feed about your favorite stars.


Earn amazing points from reading, liking, and commenting on news feeds that interest you. Points can be used to buy products such as food, drinks, and dresses.

My Subscription

Subscribe to your favorite restaurants, news, sports, health shows, education, and entertainment to enjoy news and updates from such sources.


Receive notifications on information related to events you have liked and other important messages related to the use of the app.

Your Wallet

A virtual wallet that saves all your discounts captured AR objects and keeps a record of your redeemed items.

Sponsored Discounts

Allow consumers to collect discount codes and points for following your shows and brands. We make sure your fans get suitable fan engagement for the effective participation of your events.


QR codes come in handy in the Unimerse app. It seamlessly allows brands to redeem points and AR objects and this enables the brands to quantify their ROIs immediately.

QR Code | Unimerse App | Redeem Points
QR Scanner |  Unimerse App | AR Object

Easy to use

Transfer feed points to services and products and redeem them using QR codes.


Capture an AR object and take it to the brand or venue. Redeem it using QR codes.

Safe and Secure

All your captured AR objects and bonuses are stored in “Your Wallet”. You can wait for the next even to redeem them using QR codes.