Sync Audio Video

WorldCast Live continues to ensure you have effective communications and visual display in your Live shows and performances through our sync audio video feature. We provide a full-duplex (two-way stream) system that allows the presenter and the receiver to connect with full communication in high quality. Multiple DJs and instrumentalists can connect from different locations and perform on the same live event.

Where audio video sync can be used…

Corporate Business

Corporate Businesses can communicate with investors remotely in perfect sync from anywhere in the world. Increase your chance of gaining investments. Stand a better chance of gaining investments or funding. The more you are heard clearly, the easier it is for investors to understand what you are communicating to them on the virtual forum.

Fitness Industry

With our audio video sync software, health trainers can have wonderful and beneficial live training sessions with their clients without any lagging issues.

Education Field

Two-way steaming for effective student interaction for educational institutes. Video content can be shared with students and there will be perfect audio video sync to facilitate easy understanding.

Entertainment Industry

  • Artists can perform together in harmony from different locations.
  • Live one-way streaming with low latency.
  • Easy integration into your entertainment website.
  • Effective Live music sync.
  • Features that allow for multiple performances anytime.
  • Host and invite music DJs from different geographic locations and let your fans enjoy their show without lagging issues.

Some features of our virtual event platform

Virtual Event Platform | Sync Audio Video

Api Pictures

This feature enables you to customize the shape of your picture i.e. circular, rectangular, and other shapes.


The ‘Start’ feature is used to begin the live stream.


You can add pictures to your event description using this feature.


Add a banner or change the banner of your event from here.


Click this button when you want to stop streaming.


This tool is used to publish your created event. Published events become visible to your users and they can be unpublished anytime.

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