Content Management API

With our Content Management API, we are bent on giving Corporate Businesses, Healthcare Industry, and Educational Field leverage. Manage your content in our highly flexible web portal that is branded to the client’s needs with immersive tools.

Live event management

WorldCast Live provides the ready live streaming tools that ensure effective management and control in your Live presentations, Live shows, or Live performance. We provide satisfaction for you and your audience while promoting security.

  • Hold pic-in-pic conferences where every individual can be viewed and heard clearly.
  • Change the background of your live presentations to suit your style and look more professional. We give Corporate Businesses the professional look even in virtual meetings.
  • Health professionals can host other doctors to join their live presentations.
  • Effective audio syncing. Control the volume and quality of your entertainment show.
  • Secured links are generated for your events and shows. Your audience, students, and patients can join you smoothly by utilizing the links.
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On-Demand Video Management | Content Management API

On Demand video management

WorldCast Live prioritizes the convenience of its clients and their audience. Content Management API that enables you to connect to your audience with on-demand content.

  • Upload entertainment videos and structure the time of its availability.
  • Attach pay-per-view options to your exclusive videos to earn profit.
  • Teachers can upload educational materials for the semester and structure the time for their availability for students.
  • Fitness coaches can manage their videos to suit the timing of their clients.

News feed

Enter into the world of the Unimerse app. Our special technology complements the Healthcare Industry and Entertainment Industry to bring more benefits to our clients while satisfying their audience or fanbase. WorldCast Live provides news feeds on the Unimerse app.

  • Fans can access news reports concerning your upcoming events.
  • Toggle your news preference i.e., sports, entertainment, health, and enjoy reading them.
  • Earn amazing points from interacting with the news.
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