Education Field

Online teaching and learning are the future of the Education Field. Let’s do it right with WorldCast Live. We present to you our ideal virtual classroom software that promotes productivity in the Education Field by boosting student online learning experience, smooth teaching conditions, and effective teacher-student engagement.

Roles to compliment your Educational Field Goals

Educational institutions, through our role-based management system, can create different profiles for their staff, tutors, and students to access their academic content and use it to enhance learning. The tags method can restrict students from certain content like quizzes and exams while giving tutors complete access.

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WCL helps institutions deliver presentations, upload educative videos for student convenience. Videos can be saved for students’ revision purposes. The platform can host as many students as possible.


By using groundbreaking real-time live interactive streaming technology superintendents, principals, and teachers can reach parents and students anywhere with their message. Our software for online teaching ensures teachers and students communicate in perfect audio-video sync with no lagging issues.

Parent Engagement

Parents no longer have to miss out on their child’s education growth with real-time live updates and discussions that keep the parent involved no matter where they are.


By using the patented one-way and two-way communication tools of WCL, the education field can host live classes, training sessions, presentations, and sports displays.


With monetization built into the core, the schools and PTA can leverage the many fundraising capabilities to reach people locally, regionally, or even globally.

Security in the Education Field

With the dawn of the internet age, data privacy is at the core of our business model. With this in mind, we focus heavily on ensuring we protect the data and work on staying up to date with all the security threats out there that might challenge the opportunities we provide for the Education Field.

Online teaching and learning is the future of the Educational sector. Let's do it right with WorldCast Live