Worldcast Live is a live video streaming company and software developer that offers its users advanced technology streaming with creative innovate concepts. Concept 1: Event On Live, allows any event holder / promoter to stream events live and earn additional revenue by using either the pay per view option or the donation option, or both at the same time. In addition, the event holder can earn even more revenue using our ads placement option while their event is running. Concept 2: DJ On Live bridges the gap of entertainment and education between performer and promoter / venue or student worldwide by using a web cam and the internet. Worldcast Live allows any type of Provider to perform, teach, exhibit, train or lecture in any establishment anywhere in the world without leaving their location.

The Event On Live allows any user signed up with Worldcast Live to create and stream their event Worldwide or, to specific audiences and earn additional revenue. With absolutely no risk involved (no money down), you create your event profile with information, pictures and videos, set your price per ticket, and use the incremental price increase feature we've built-in to increase the price of your tickets as time goes by leading closer to the date of your event. You will be able to create your unique event URL example; "WorldcastLive.com/myevent" that you can use to promote via the web and throughout your social networks. You can even solicit Ads to be displayed during your events as well as accept any potential Worldcast solicited Ads to earn additional revenue during your event stream. It's easy, you can use a simple webcam to broadcast your event, or plug in multiple professional cameras with a switching system then connect to your PC or Mac for a professional broadcast. At the end of the event, Worldcast retains its percentage and you get the rest, risk free. For your next event, contact us for details and let us show you how easy it is for you to Worldcast Live!

The Event On Live boasts a number of innovative features including the ability for our users to generate additional revenue for their event large or small. Event On Live allows the user to set a price per ticket for each viewer. The event holder also has the ability to set an automatic incremental ticket price increase which can be increased daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly leading up to the day of the event. An added feature also enables the event holder to add a donation button during the event to facilitate donations from already paid viewers. This is a nice add on in cases where you might have a charity segment scheduled during the course of your event. There is also an Ad system in place where you, the event holder can solicit Ads and generate additional revenue. Event On Live also boasts an innovative linking system where any viewer who registers to view an event is automatically linked to that event holder's profile. When that event holder creates an event in the future, an automatic email notification is sent to all viewers linked to his or her profile. This is called direct marketing, and no additional effort or separate emails are necessary on the part of the event holder to implement this feature. Yes, Worldcast Live has it's own Social Network built-in, so event holders can potentially receive and retain viewership automatically shortly after creating an event and further on into the future.

Any Provider, DJ, Entertainer, Instructor, Teacher, Performer, Fashionista, or Venue can sign up on worldcastLive.com. Once signed up as a Provider you will set your price to be able to negotiate with any promoter / venue or student. As a promoter / venue or student you can search for Providers and begin the booking process by clicking on the "Book Me" button. Once time and fees are agreed upon, you simply wait for the date to arrive for the event. Prior to the time and date of your event, we recommend that you to setup your PC or Mac, test your camera(s) and audio at least one hour prior to the event to insure that your internet connection is adequate and everything is working correctly. All you need to get started is a good HD webcam, high speed internet (both VENUE and PROVIDER MUST HAVE THIS) and audio connection from a mixer that you'll connect into the line or mic input of the computer. The venue will simply need to have the headphones output from their computer plugged into the main mixer of their sound system. Its that simple. **Please NOTE that internet connection should be hardwired for both the Provider and the promoter / venue or student to ensure the most stable environment. Worldcast does not recommend using wireless internet connection due to the high risk of signal fluctuation and interruption.

In order to use our service effectively, all parties must have a steady broadband internet connect with at least 3 mpbs upstream and 5 mpbs downstream. The higher those numbers are the better. Check with your local Internet Service Provider for service plans that compare to or are better than the above mentioned speeds.

No. Sign up is free and we welcome anyone to sign up, whether you are a DJ, Artist, Teacher, Instructor, Professor, Fitness Trainer, Entertainer, Fashionista, Guest Speaker, or any type of vocational expert. This also applies to anyone who is looking for talent for their special event or seminar, students looking for extra tutoring, fitness buffs looking for the perfect workout buddy or trainer, and fashion aficionado's looking to keep their eyes on what's hot around the world. Sign up today, It's Free!

Worldcast Live is not a booking or employment agency we do not assume the responsibility of getting gigs or jobs for any user on the site. However, this system in place to help facilitate your exposure. Getting gigs / jobs are based upon venues/promoters finding you and hiring you based on how you present and market your expertise. Taking advantage of our tools such as audio and video demos, photos of your past events and a bio can provide your info to the event holder to make an informed decision to hire you. The more you post, the more attention you can attract that can potentially convert to you earning money.

The Worldcast Live system allows each Provider to set their own fee and the ability to negotiate that fee with the promoter / venue or student. However, there is a minimum fee set by the system for each Provider. In order for us to offer this technology to you - our customers. We do have you set a minimum fee so that we can cover the operating cost and stay in business. This is a percentage we earn and receive from the amount you charge. Contact us with any questions, were here for our customers!

The reality is the event holder, the promoter / venue or student are the ones to use this system. If they are not comfortable or do not want to use it then you as the Provider will never get booked via this system. This means, you will never be able to speak, spin, teach, train, entertain or educate in multiple locations at the same time, on the same day, making more money in a shorter space of time without leaving your current location. Imposing an additional fee on top of the booking fee to the promoter / venue or student could potentially drive them away.