Envision The Future Live Curriculum

WCL’s Envision the Future Live Curriculum program focuses on teaching and creating experiences that help mold our future creators.

 Decade Worth

With OVER a decade Worth of experience

Not just filming and editing, WCL has pushed the business for what a typical production company represents. WCL has live streamed concerts, fundraisers, sporting events, and various other events.

Educate New Generation

Let's Educate a new generation

Worldcast Live is pleased to present our Envision the Future Live Curriculum and Gala designed to support our digital, video and live production curriculum for middle school and high school students to share our extensive knowledge and a decade’s worth of experience with you.

Here What's Your Story

Here’s what you'll be learning

Learn production essentials by joining outstanding scriptwriters, producers, and directors. You'll study the basics of production, including its history, the roles and responsibilities of production team members, and the equipment they use to create a wonderful viewing experience.

This course will teach you how to plan, prepare, and perform a show. You'll learn about possible manufacturing careers. You'll have a portfolio of your course work for job interviews or college admissions. This course prepares you for advanced video recording, editing, scriptwriting, music and sound engineering courses.

Hosting Envision Annual

We're hosting our annual Envision the future live gala. this gala highlights both our past and future endeavors.

Unit Structure

Worldcast Live’s Production Basics course includes 8 units per semester. Each unit is carefully designed by highly qualified career educators and industry experts who want to share the world of production with students. Each unit will contain 3 to 5 lessons, hands-on activities, discussion questions, career exploration opportunities, and assessments. The units are designed so they can be followed by students working individually and at their own pace, or can be facilitated by a teacher, club sponsor, or program director.

Unit Structure


  • Learn insider tips from the pros in film production.
  • Consider alternative methods to produce quality video content.
  • Understand how to record high-quality sound.
  • Write a strong and effective video script.
  • Produce accurate and professional storyboards.
  • Conduct an engaging and professional corporate interviews.
  • Nurture your passion.
  • Put your knowledge to practice immediately and see the results.
  • Increased efficiency in handling production projects.
  • A strong portfolio for future references.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to eventually integrate this curriculum within the Department of Education's school system so that it can reach a wider audience. The motivation behind this project is to address the lack of advanced practical skill sets within the public school system in order to foster prosperous professions in digital, video, and live production. The experimental summer programme in 2022 will be free for everyone, with a focus on underserved populations. A summer curriculum and an after-school programme will naturally keep pupils productive and discourage idle behaviors that can lead to poor social experiences in their communities.

Our Core Goals

  • Educate adolescents in regards to video production.
  • Provide jobs within the production industry.
  • Create amazing production software.
Our Goal

Join us on our journey & learn video production today powered by WorldCast Live